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babble babble bitch bitch rebel rebel party party

sex sex sex and don't forget the violence

puppet notes, joint home of crack (LOL)
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A community where the characters of galbadia and savant are free to talk to / bitch / threaten / flirt / whatever with each other. ...So pretty much, it's their community where anything goes. They just needed a little place for themselves, see? The following characters (listed in alphabetical order) can be found posting here. Some are in games, and some aren't.

The list got long, so here they are, all tagged up.

Looks like a fun mix, huh?

→ No muns allowed!   ( To which the muns say, "Well, damnit..." )

→ Crack!counterparts of the characters who have access to this community are allowed to write and be written to here. Surely the regular!pups get sick of their doppelgangers, and vice versa, yeah?

→ Use the LJ cut accordingly.

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